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- Nocturne Blue is an art rock band. The group incorporates elements of post rock, downtempo, dreampop, and frippertronics. Nocturne Blue is sometimes compared to Massive Attack, Bowie, Daniel Lanois, David Sylvian, or The Blue Nile.

"...looks like Massive Attack has eaten the Jesus and Mary Chain." "... drawing on goth, shoegaze and ambient rock...this gauzy, noirish flavor is the band’s stock in trade..." - SLIS "...gorgeous, ghostly and sublime!" - "...a pinch of Summer-and-Moroder disco trance, as well as a dash of Bowie’s Berlin" "brooding late-night music." KUT 90.5


Dutch Rall Nocutne Blue about

- Dutch Rall is Nocturne Blue's creator. He is the band's lead composer and main vocalist. Dutch is an accomplished, Emmy-winning filmmaker and directs the focus of the bands visuals.

"Dutch Rall's rich voice bursts into a Jeff Buckley falsetto while his low register David Bowie crooning resurrects shivers of over-stimulation... think Prince in his most sultry state." - Synthesis "A unique blend of sounds and styles, giving way to epic bursts of multidimensional guitar tones." - Amazon "Dutch Rall has created an evocative and chilling sound... brilliant." Austin Chronicle.

Narkus Reuter Nocturne Blue about

- German composer Markus Reuter is widely recognized as a pioneer of new musical forms. He performes live with the instrument of his own design, the U8 Touch Guitar and contributes his unique soundscapes and solos to the band.

" Reuter has perfected a style of lush, layered, complicated process composition that combines surfaces of straightforward beauty with hidden depths of complexity and sometimes a richly forbidding darkness. " - AllMusic

- Italian songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Marco Machera is the band's newest contributing member, lending his virtuoso bass playing and vocals.

"Gentle, considered introspection from the same quadrant of the artistic spectrum that gave us Talk Talk, David Sylvian and The Blue Nile."
Nocturne Blue music band live about 04 - For live performances, Jeni Rall plays synthesizers, sings back-up, and runs live visuals.


- Other musicians who have contributed to Noctunre Blue recordings include bassist Tony Levin, shoegaze queen Kaitlyn ni Donovan, Julie Slick, Pat Mastelotto, and Ladonna Man Ray.



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