The Incurable is a micro-budget feature film created by Emmy-winning director Dutch Rall in 2006 as a meditative experiment aimed at fellow fans of La Belle Noiseuse, Kieslowski, and Bergman.

The film follows Sonia, a Bulgarian art student living in America who takes an opportunity to model for Phillip, a once great and now reclusive artist. Sonia has reached a moment in her young life when she must decide either to follow an easier, more common path, or to try for something more.

With $7,000.00 and some borrowed gear from the Austin PBS station, Dutch, his wife and film partner Jeni, and their fearless and beautiful friend Miriana, set out over a few summer weekends to try and create something a bit different from other low-budget films being made at the time.

“Dutch Rall’s eye is impeccable, as is his ability to find poignancy in subtle human interactions.The Incurable is a film that quietly stays with you". - Chel White

release date - January 14th, 2014
103 min. In English and Bulgarian.

copyright 2006, 2008, 2014 Incurable Media, LLC. All rights reserved.

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